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Advent Calendar: 7 December

On Saturdays at Mass, if there is no other prescribed observance, we traditionally honour Our Lady, the Lord's mother. We are fortunate to do so in such a beautiful chapel also dedicated to her, where on the east wall is a beautiful metal depiction of the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary at the Annunciation.

I've chosen today the carol by John Joubert, who died earlier this year - There is no Rose. The choir at St Michael's will sing this during our Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday 22 December at 5pm, so this serves as a sneak preview.

Joubert composed the carol in 1954, and the text is a lyric from the fifteenth century. It is a beautiful reflection on the Incarnation.

There is no rose of such virtue as is the rose that bare Jesu: Alleluia.

For in this rose contained was heaven and earth in little space: Res miranda.

By that rose we may well see there be one God in persons three: Pares forma.

Then leave we all this worldly mirth and follow we this joyous birth: Transeamus.

Words anonymous, 15th century


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