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Pastoral Assistants


At St Michael's we run a Pastoral Assistant programme which enables young people to live for a year in the parish and play a full part in the liturgical, pastoral and social life of the Church.


Our Pastoral Assistants are typically people who have recently graduated from university. Often they are wondering if God is calling them to serve in the priesthood. We have a lot of experience of helping Pastoral Assistants prepare for a Bishop’s Advisory Panel, in collaboration with their Director of Ordinands.


During their year with us Pastoral Assistants gain experience of leading worship and they sink their roots into the traditions of the Church through daily prayer, daily Mass and a structured programme of theological study and reflection. 


Pastoral Assistants also take an important part in the wider mission and ministry of the Church in Croydon: they work with the clergy as chaplains in Croydon College; they are members of the Croydon University Hospital chaplaincy visiting team; and they also help at the Croydon Churches winter night shelter.


If you are coming towards the end of university and would be interested in finding out more about the Pastoral Assistant programme, please feel free to be in touch with Fr Tim. Placements run from September to July and we usually aim to appoint in the spring.

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