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At St Michael’s we place a high value on Christian learning as part of our ongoing discipleship. As well as our commitment to daily worship, we emphasize the importance of critical engagement with aspects of our Christian faith and how our faith informs and impacts our day-to-day lives.


In 2016-17 Fr Tim devised and led a weekly session called Seeing and Believing, where the participants explored aspects of Christian doctrine via representations in art of the Mysteries of the Rosary.


In 2017-18 Fr Tim and Fr Philip led a course on the Scriptures, called The Word of the Lord. In Michaelmas Term we explored God and Israel in the Old Testament, some of the Prophets, and the Psalms. After Christmas we focused on the Gospels, and in Lent devoted ourselves to some in-depth study of each of the Passion narratives. We studied some of Paul's epistles in the summer term.

This year we are running a course on Christian doctrine called Credo. In Michaelmas Term we studied the doctrine of the Incarnation in the scriptures, in the Church Fathers, in modern theology and through Christian art and hymnody. In Lent Term we shall adopt a similar approach with the passiondeath, and resurrection of Jesus. All are welcome to join us. Keep an eye on our Weekly Notices for details of the times and dates of our next sessions, which this term will take place on Thursday mornings at 11am in Church.


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