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Regular Services



Our worship of God lies at the heart of all that we do at St Michael’s. Services are offered every day, but our main act of worship is the Solemn Mass on Sundays at 11am. This Mass is celebrated with full catholic ceremonial, and we are aided in our worship by our serving team and by the singing of our wonderful choir.


Morning and Evening Prayer

Throughout the week, each day is punctuated by the Prayer of the Church. We meet together each week day to join with Christians around the world in offering Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. In these services we recite and mediate upon God’s word, particularly the Psalms, and sing hymns and offer our prayers to the Lord for the day ahead or the day past.

Daily Mass

We also meet every day of the year around the altar, to allow ourselves to be fed by Jesus in Word and Sacrament.


The Daily Mass is an integral and vital part of our ministry and mission at St Michael’s. Many people cross our threshold in the course of each week to join us for this important act of worship.


The Daily Mass normally lasts around 35 minutes.



Regular Schedule

Below is an outline of our regular service pattern each week. It is advisable to check the weekly news sheet also, in case of any alterations.


Sundays:                     9.00am         Mass

                                    11.00am         Solemn Sung Mass

Weekdays:               12.30pm          Mass
                                                             Except Bank Holidays: Mass at 11am


Saturdays:                11.00am         Mass

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