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Homeless Shelter

Each winter in Croydon, between November and the end of March, over thirty Churches in the Croydon area join forces to provide shelter and a safe, warm place to stay for homeless people in the coldest months of the year.


People from St Michael’s have assisted in recent years with the welcome of homeless guests at Croydon Minster.


This is a vitally important ministry, to which we are pleased to contribute. Fr Tim is a member of a dispersed community of clergy, the Company of Mission Priests, whose patron is St Vincent de Paul.


St Vincent was particularly concerned in his ministry for the welfare of those who are poor or, for whatever reason, find themselves on the margins.


Fr Tim has extensive experience in the Church’s work with the homeless, having hosted a night shelter for several years in his previous parish, and as the Chairman of All People All Places, a homeless charity based in North London.


For more details on the Croydon Churches’ Winter Shelter, visit the website:

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