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Advent Calendar: 12 December

Today we keep the memorial of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the gospel reading at Mass is from Luke's Gospel, the Annunciation.

When I was at school I sang in the choir at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast. The cathedral was originally a parish church, built in 1904. From 1904-1964 the organist was Captain Charles Brennan. He wrote today's offering, simply called Annunciation. It's a setting of words from the Annunciation gospel, for a bass (Gabriel) and a trio of sopranos, whose only word is 'alleluia', who serve as seraphic commentators.

It is a very simple setting, but a very effective, beautiful one. He wrote it specifically with the building in mind, which has a vast acoustic. The recording was made in the same space.

Please hold in your prayers today all offering themselves for election, and for all those who will cast their vote at the polls. We pray that our earthly kingdom may be conformed as closely as possible to Christ's heavenly kingdom of justice, hope and peace.


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