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Croydon College

The parish clergy are very pleased to form part of the team that provides a chaplaincy service to Croydon College, the largest educational institution in our deanery. 

The College comprises almost 8,000 students and staff, and the chaplains are on hand each day to provide a listening ear and spiritual advice to those who seek it.

We were very pleased in the autumn of 2017 to be invited by the College authorities to assist in the establishment of a chaplaincy with other deanery colleagues. We have received a warm welcome from the College, and hope that it will be a long and fruitful partnership.

At present, Fr Philip visits the College every Monday, in the morning for staff prayers, and then at lunchtime to maintain a presence in the Common Room and other public areas of the College. Fr Tim visits the College each Wednesday. Our Pastoral Assistants play an important part in this ministry too.

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